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Oh, golly, :iconzombielily: is tagging me to ask some questions, so why not go for it, huh? OKAY!

1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.
2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people.
4. No tag backs, Please!

Five Things About Me:

1. I feel really confident about my pop computer graphic work, but most of my prints start off in a sketchbook! I can't sketch well on a PC, and i'm not very good with ink in traditional stuff!

2. I had an operation about 6 or so months ago for my heart! It ended up becoming two operations because of a complication days after the first! Wow!

3. I have a corgi in my family that's a little over two years old! He's very nervous of people that aren't in my family!

4. Pink is gonna be my favourite colour for the rest of my life and it took me until like two years ago to realize that.

5. I do not have a good ear for music, at all. My music playlists are very sparse, usually just game music, and, well, podcasts (BUT THOSE DON'T COUNT? I THINK?)

Sherry's Questions:

1. Who is your favourite youtuber?
Probably ChipCheezumLP, and Vinesauce's Joel

2. What television shows are you following right now?
Bob's Burgers is really all that comes to mind!

3. Guilty pleasure song of the moment?
Rescue Girl (Mighty Switch Force 2 theme)

4. If you could design one of your characters into a toy who would it be and what type of toy would it be? (vinyl, plush, etc)
Definitely my robot alias for online! Part of me wishes I could brand this cuddly robot I designed in some way!

5. Which of your OCs do you feel the most connected to and why?
Melanie Lee is my OC whom I feel most connected to. She was kind of saved from the depths of obscurity by :iconfupoo: in some old comics he did, and after I went about tweaking her design, it was just great to have her around again to draw. Melanie's been around in doodles of mine for a long time, and has gone through a fair amount of changes. In the original story I had planned involving her, she was going to be able to turn into a horrifying monster! Now she's become more of an emotional novelist living among robots and finding she has feelings for a robot that keeps rooting around her trash bins (hey :iconfupoo:)

Y! Y!!!

Please go to the prom with me

7. Do you think you'll ever get married?
Likely, but I got a feeling it's gonna be a while yet before that happens!

8. Favourite holiday?
Will Canada Day count? I just like the weather a whole lot at the beginning of July.

9. If you could have a guest cameo on a show, what show would it be and what would your role be? Remember, this is YOU on the show, not an OC.
I wanna be a character-of-the-day in Pokemon, lemme just fight Ash with an Elekid or something.

10. How do you feel about the bottom of the ocean?
There's probably some squid down at the bottom of the ocean that's bigger than any of us can imagine, and that's a really cool thought.

I'm not really gonna tag because i'm not so sure who else I got that I can send this to! Sorry!
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Are very fun
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Hi Devianart guys sorry I don't comment here as much as twitter and tumblr, but I do notice you!

Thank you again :iconfupoo::iconborockman::iconwolfstarmie::iconariannaybarra::iconsleepykiks::iconjinzoki::iconzebesian::iconlightmanny::iconair-city::iconjamesgunner123::iconhoodedshyguy: for all the nice words and well wishes yesterday! Things have been going really nicely the past few weeks and I've actually been feeling a lot more confident with my work, so I hope I can continue to improve and entertain throughout 2014 and beyond!
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Haven't done a journal in a bit so why not, huh?

Hey Deviantart gang! Sorry I don't talk often on this end of the internet, but I guess that's because I usually just get that done with people over on the Tweeting Space and the Tumbling, so there's that. First off I wanted to thank those I've met through the conventions the past few months over at Anime North, FanExpo, and ConBravo (where I sold this year). ConBravo was the first time I sold drawings of mine in over a year and the experience worked out nicely for me! I feel a lot more confident trying for Anime North in 2014, or other conventions!

Also putting this up to thank :iconmblock: for that journal feature (…) which let me log in to a bunch of new faces keeping up with whatever I do here, so welcome new faces! I am Combotron-Robot, I am not good at fighting games, and I like doing dumb drawings that include video games, round faces, big lines, and LOTS OF PINK. When I draw I like listening to Vinesauce videos and Freelance Astronauts archived LP videos instead of just music because I'm bad at listening to good music.

So this is also a thanks to anyone here with me, old and new, you're all peaches~! If you've just been keeping up with me on DA, feel free to join me making dumb posts on Tumblr ( or wondering why some Nintendo games have stupid metagame things on Twitter (
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I may as well mention current convention status at the moment for anyone interested, though I imagine anyone here that's interested has already heard me mention stuff on other sites!

So the Anime North Comic Market application slots are over and done with, and this year I didn't make it onto any of the lists the system offers, so i'll be attending Anime North as a regular attendee this year. That's not to say that some of the stuff I've been doing is not going to become prints however! My payment has been sent over, things have been booked, and i'll be selling at another convention in July: Con Bravo. Glad to still be selling at another convention!

I'm also looking to maybe do some print trading at Anime North (as long as I have consent from other artists, i'm not looking to pay in drawings!)

I'll just be here, makin' more prints and things!
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It's nowhere close to application time and now i'm wondering if I should try for this year's Comic Market at Anime North or not. I mean, I THINK I'm making stuff that might sell better now, in an aesthetic sense.

Not gonna stop me from making another Nikki print though.
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Tetris Attack is a quality game.
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With less than two weeks until the big Canadian anime thing, the artists participating in the Comic Market this year have been given their table locations!

If you are gonna be at Anime North this year, feel free to stop by table C6, where my friend, :iconnorthstar-design:, and myself will be selling!

Copycat is going to be putting together a slew of new and interesting prints he's created very recently using his knowledge of 2D and 3D art (What a talented guy!), I'm gonna be selling almost everything I've done since February. Copycat will also have very cool drawing subjects for his prints like Minecraft and League of Legends, which I heard are both very cool games. If you've been keeping up with me, I'll be selling prints of things like Swapnote and Fortune Street...


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So hey, remember that thing I mentioned in my last journal entry regarding getting a table to sell drawings of mine at a convention? My friend and I ended up on the lowest list possible for comic market entry, where we would just be sub-in's for people who drop out of the lottery number list. Apparently people started dropping out of the waiting list ahead of us, and due to the number of people that just up and quit, my friend and I got a table at Anime North's Comic Market!

I'll post up table information later on for anyone interested, so if you're someone from Canada that's following me, and you plan to go to Anime North this year, please feel free to stop by the table! I'm totally up for just shooting the shit with people, so don't feel intimidated!

Also please come by to see my amazingly talented friend as well, :iconnorthstar-design:. He'll be making a ton of cool new prints as well, and he definitely deserves some respect!

After the next two or three pieces I put up, I'll be getting to work on smaller stuff like bookmark designs and sticker sets, so it's time for me to get off my ass and draw harder! To make things a little easier this year as well, I'm just gonna be sticking to a simple costume, so I'll be going as Tohru Adachi from Persona 4 for the weekend, with a few props to not make it just a suit.
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So I applied for a table at the Anime North Comic Market this year, but unfortunately, it seems I clicked one second too late since I ended up in the lottery portion of the Comic Market. A friend of mine, and another friend of his ended up getting lottery numbers as well, so due to how we've organized things, we've got three chances to make it into the Comic Market this year.

Gotta wait till the 11th to find out if I'm allowed to sell my wares to people at an anime convention, I'm gonna be worrying all week about this. I mean, it's something I really want to do, even if I'm met with failure in selling. At least I'll have given it a shot, and maybe of made some new friends in the process.
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So I have a 3DS now thanks to family, and it's already been really fun. My Friend Code is 3093-7581-7727 and the Mii name (if needed) is [&!]Koiwai. Feel free to add me, i'd like to get 3DS friends because having friends is fun.

What? It is.
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I put this up on Tumblr, but since I have next to no one following me there, may as well try it here.

I feel like taking requests from people for drawings now that I've got a bit of time. Go ahead and request whatever you'd feel like (I'm not that good with anthros, and my robot drawing skills don't include stuff like hyper detailed Japanese mechas, so take caution). I can't really guarantee what I'll colour and what I'll put up as a sketch, but I will colour whatever I find interesting enough.

Let's hear 'em guys.
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I have watched all of the 80's Astro Boy series now and I think it was pretty cool.

That little robot can sure fight.
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I got a tumblr account last night to follow artists I know have tumblr that I like, so feel free to follow me on it if you like. I'll mostly be using it to put up other sketches and videos I like, just like I sorta do with the Facebook thing.
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Well this year was pretty badass for Anime North. Being a dork I spent the whole time dressed up a Scrafty (5th gen Pokemon for the many of you out of the loop), wearing sweet kicks and parachute pants. Friends I hung around with were really keen this year, met new people in the comic market and got awesome commissions from them, events like the Cosplay Chess ran smoothly, found stuff of the only animes I actually care about (I.E: Every Crayon Shin Chan book I didn't have), and yeah, pretty cool! I'm also a hypocrite because I actually ended up trading away my Reshiram in Black version to a cool kid who really wanted one.

Pictures were pretty badass this year too. Got multiple people to utilize the aviator shades I had on me, and even got some Persona 4 cosplayers to do the Action Bastard laugh. TAKE A LOOK:…

Also best photo op ever, captured by :iconnorthstar-design:… Check that photobombing Moogle
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This GTS Negotiations thing would be so much more keen if there was more of a middle ground for trading, and there were less kids wanting/hacking legendary Pokemon. Also I brought over nearly 10 Wailmers from my Heart Gold Pokewalker runs, and nobody wants them. I didn't think people would pass up Wailmers...

I do think it's funny though, to see kids shooting down everything I offer, like Elekid's, my own party members, and other rare baby Pokemon, then they get all giddy when I show Reshiram.

Well too bad kids. I might not be raising him, but I wanna keep my "GrlHair".
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After seeing a ton of other comics detailing the adventures of trainers taking up this challenge, I decided to start my own Pokemon Nuzlocke run in Fire Red. I'm taking notes of each of the important parts of my playthrough, and maybe someday I'll make my own comic about my experience in it, like a bunch of other cool kids have done.

I've already sent two Pokemon to their deaths before even Misty though. Maybe I won't do very well at this...
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Oh my god Gainax. I mean,

Oh my god.

That ending.

Oh my god.
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I feel like I've been in such a drawing lull as of recent. My current sketchbook only has like 18 pages done and right now I'm just drawing Pokemon and boobs, but not together.

Oh wait... I do that all the time...

At least my team is really cool in Heart Gold. Mismagius is a beast of a special attacker, Wobbuffet is the best thing ever, and my Meowth is surprisingly tough.
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So "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" had a great first episode, and I'm looking forward to the next weeks of the series.

You're still my favorite though Crayon Shin Chan.